at consultancy1st round JAM- they may ask to run thru ur resume or profile
– or about ur project
– about ur hobbies
– recent movie u saw
– recent book u read
– make sure ur good with ur resume especially career objective paragraph
– todays news paper headlines
– about google
– why google .. why BPO if ur btech background
– explain the room ur sitting in
– explain about ur shirt
– role model

they test ur communications skills and sentence formation make sure u speak properly and dont stop for long while

aptitude exam

10 questions on geo graphy( lattitude longitudes geographic grids equator grasslands capricon cancer prime meridian date line )
20 from logical reasoning(series relations) english (meanings , statement conclusion ) and maths ( %ages , ages, averages, sped distance time )

 after clearing this there will be operation round where he will ask same questions from jam and also sumthing about GIS

u shud not tell u r looking for further studies .. make them sure u are in to GIS and GIS is evoloving and emerging

tell them u r interested in GIS as every organisation is in need of this technology to survive in the market and therefore there is a lot of need for GIS operators analysts

thru out the worldGIS is into evry imaginable discipline and google is a great company to start of with

boast about google learn about poducts of google

ceo of google  etc coming to GIS

its a information system geographic info sys it helps in decision making just like data mining

but on maps it not only shows u the location on earth but also u can map with quantities

i.e if u want to list out places where u can find natural resources like oil then u query it in this tool and all the places with info come up as a google maps u r job basically is to create maps

edit map info and write info like this map making is called as cartography so GIS is in to 3 things

1 cartography 2 statistical analysis 3. databases GIS is mixture of these 3

statistical analysis is nothing but surveys ante no of people who hav high income or  no of people married in particualr area so all that info like dat is entered in to data base
and then we can query

at serco Hitech city

had online google test 30 questions the pattern was the same as serco and dont really worry anyone who cleared at serco can clear here too questions like ajanta ellora situated in  _______ ,golden temple ?,highest gallantry award … like this no questions on geography from other countries…

after they short list u from this exam u get a call from serco that u have to be at google kondapur near capital IQ at 9 in morning

i went after 1 day … ie 1st feb  we entered the office … gaurd allows u in only if ur names are on the list  .. then later serco HR will give u a grooming session on wat to speak in the interview just to increase ur confidence

and i went to the HR round and i did a very small mistake here which cost me the job …
The HR lady asks questions like have u been here before … i said no
career objective – said
why interested in this JOb if u r from – told her i was not good at programming and have interest towards GIS
explained her GIS
then she asked me about my strengths – said and explained them with an example
everything was fine till here –  i was pretty satisfactory
until she asked are u interested in higher studies in future – i said may be  ,but not as of yet ..i dint really gave any thought about it till now (plzz say no )
then she asked me if  u had a chance do u want to do  higher studies in GIS i said yes
then she said thank you i’ll let u know ur feedback plzz wait at reception ( i knew the feedback wud be negative i cud not make her agree that i wud be staying at google for long term )

then later at reception a HR came and said that i wud be a receiving a call in the evening and cud leave for the day and other applicants along with me were asked to stay back for next round that was logical reasoning and ops round!!

So i hope u guys can learn a lot from my experience and wil be able to crack the interview all the best !!




  • buzzzzinga

    please leave a comment if u have any questions and please share this dont forget to like

    • sneha

      i’ve selected for GT position in jam round..nxt round z online after couple of days..can u please tell me about that position and about online test..

  • Sai Upadhyayula

    Excellent post dude…very helpful information!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Vipul Kapoor

    😀 Late, but better than never, huh ? I like it.
    Needs few spelling corrections. The rest is kickass pal, nice start !!

  • Ashwini

    Hey thanks for sharing your experience.Can u please tell about the online test in detail..what questions were asked?How did u prepare for online test?

    • buzzzzinga

      hi ashwini .. thank you

      ashwini the test dead easy dont worry about it just be thorough with the topics i mentioned
      even if u go without learning i m sure u can make it they genrally dont consider the marks of this test i suppose it generally depends on the person who takes the interview at serco his name is vishal. if u clear his round chances are high u cud clear the job

      i dont actually remember the answers and questions it been quite a while now
      just make them believe u are fit for the job and donot mention any other plans u have just make them know u r committed to this job .
      simple math questions
      english meanings
      correct sentences and soem logic queastions

      all the best do share this link !!!

  • Kaleem

    well mine interview is scheduled for 2morrow…… donno wot happens in my case…….

  • gayatri

    this entire process is done on the same day at consultancy, r they are conducted on diffrent days ……please let me know the ans soon

  • gayatri

    what r the questions we need to prepare?nd tel me the no.of ques nd qualifyng marks for aptitude as well as online test….can u suggest me how to prepare for test

  • lalita

    hey nice post , i had gone to serco office on june 19th and we had an oral communications round which i got through, they tol me 2 fill in my details and prepare for an online test, but till now i havent got any updates, im not from hyd, so im worried how mch time itl take., did u wait for long for ur call for d 2nd round?? and the overall process tuk hw long?

    • buzzzzinga

      yep had to wait for 2-3 days

    • gayatri

      hi lalitha i’m gayatri …..are d walkings gng on daily?nd wat is that they asked you in oral communications….am thinkng to attend with in a week so let me know soon

      • lalita

        hey yeap theyr goin on daily, i had gone with one employee referral id, u shud have one referral id i tink, oral rnd they ask basic about ur resume, abt urself,hobbies,introduce urself speak confidently widout stopping,. they said theyl inform me 4 2nd round but till now nothing…

  • manasa

    i want to know serco google consultancy address in hitech city

  • teja

    hai are the interviews still going on for google maps?

  • anoo

    hey kenQA services is a consultancy or any company because tomorrow there is an interview for the post moderator(Google maps) and in the interview process there is a (serco)operation and google operation rounds .please give me conformation if you know.and also thanks for your post its really usefull.

  • gayatri

    hi lalitha have you received call for next round?

  • Deepesh Singh

    plz let me know … dat serco currently hiring for google…any openings…?

  • vinod kaushik

    hai pals….I’m Vinod kaushik. i’ve been to serco on wednesday…out of 24…. 3 people were select..and im one of them….in the screening test by serco H.R…she gave three topics
    1.age of information
    2.current education system in India and u think education and success are co-related

    i spoke on the 3rd topic i started with my intro and is poke fo not more than 30sec she asked me to stop…and said”thank u kaushik”…i thought i was messed up and she defintly ask me to leave for the day…(my fings were crossed)…at last she said i was selected…i felt lyk….””yes!!!!!!!!!! banged on target..”
    and then they told me 2 fill in my details and prepare for an online test…and my online test was scheduled on Friday (tomorrow) at 1pm….

    as i’m not good at math…my fingers are still crossed…let see what happens…..and B.T.W i’m praying each and every god to wish me good luck…….

  • Mohammed

    is there any career in GIS…and any hike in salary after training…plzzz reply

  • harsha

    dude, when we will get the call after the client round ( final round).

  • kavya

    thaxk a lot yaar for the wonderful xlpnation coz these were the thing that v need to knw

  • Zohra

    Are the Interviews for google maps still going on?

  • ajay

    could be really helpful , thank you for the post

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